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When it comes to authentic Mexican cuisine, Mercado Azteca & Deli offers superior taste and top-notch variety – add some spice to your life!

You can expect to find delicious and affordable entrée that have been cooked and simmered to perfection. Whether you are dining in, or ordering delivery, you’ll find that the quality of our food is unmatched. We truly take tradition into account when it comes to the food we prepare for you.

We also offer you a wide array of deli and grocery items. You won’t leave hungry!

Taco carnitas 3.00

Mexican pulled pork taco


Taco al pastor 3.00

Shepherd style taco


Taco de tripa 3.00

Beef tripe taco


Taco de bistec 3.00

steak taco


Taco de pollo 3.00

Chicken taco


Taco de cecina 3.00

Aged beef taco


Taco de carne enchilada 3.00

Spicy pork taco


Taco de cueritos 3.00

Pork skin taco


Taco de vegetales 3.00

Vegetables taco


Taco de buche 3.00

Pork stomach taco


Taco de suadero 3.00

Suadero taco


Taco campechanos 3.25

Steak and sausage taco


Taco de lengua 3.25

Beef tongue taco


Taco de oreja 3.25

Pig ears taco


Taco árabe 3.25

Arab taco


Taco de barbacoa 3.25

Tender goat meat taco


Taco de camarón 3.25

Shrimp taco


Taco de pescado 3.25

Fish taco

Extra sauce / Extra salsa 1.00

Rice & Beans / Arroz y Frijoles 2.00


Cemita de milanesa de res 7.50

Breaded beef roll


Cemita de milanesa de pollo 7.50

Breaded chicken roll


Cemita de pechuga azada 7.50

Roasted chicken breast roll


Cemita de darne enchilada 7.50

Spicy meat roll


Cemita de cecina 7.50

Aged beef roll


Cemita de carnitas 7.50

Roast pork roll


Cemita de chorizo 7.50

Mexican sausage roll


Cemita de bistec encebollado 7.50

Steak with onions roll


Cemita de jamón 7.50

Ham roll


Cemita hawaiana 8.50

Hawaiian style roll


Cemita de chorizo con huevo 8.50

Sausage with egg roll


Cemita cubana 8.50

Cuban style roll


Cemita campechana 8.50

Campechana style roll

Orden de tres sopes regulares 7.50

Order three regular sopes


Orden de tres sopes con carne 11.00

Order three sopes with beef


Una orden de sope 4.00

An order of sope

Cualquier carne con frijoles refritos, lechuga, tomate, crema y queso

Any meat with fried beans, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and cheese

Carne: cerdo asado, carne de res, pollo, cerdo picante, salchicha mexicana, al pastor

Meat: Roast pork, beef, chicken, spicy pork, Mexican sausage, Shepherd style

Torta de milanesa de res 6.50

Breaded steak sandwich


Torta de milanesa de pollo 6.50

Breaded chicken sandwich


Torta de pechuga azada 6.50

Grilled chicken sandwich


Torta de carne enchilada 6.50

Spicy pork sandwich


Torta de cecina 6.50

Aged beef sandwich


Torta de carnitas 6.50

Roast pork sandwich


Torta de chorizo 6.50

Mexican sausage sandwich


Torta de bistec encebollado 6.50

Steak with sautéed onions sandwich


Torta de jamón 6.50

Ham sandwich


Torta de hawaiana 8.50

Hawaiian style sandwich


Torta de chorizo con huevo 8.50

Sausage with egg sandwich


Torta Cubana 8.50

Cuban style sandwich


Torta Campechana 8.50

Campechana style sandwich

Sopes y Huaraches Caseros

Tortas / Cemitas

Burritos / Mexican wraps

Burrito de pollo 8.95

Chicken burrito


Burrito de bistec 8.95

Steak burrito


Burrito al pastor 8.95

Al pastor burrito


Burrito de chorizo 8.95

Mexican sausage burrito


Burrito de carnitas 8.95

Roast pork burrito


Burrito de camarones 11.95

Shrimp burrito


Burrito campechano 9.95

Steak and Mexican sausage


Burrito supremo 10.95

Burrito supremo

Chorizo, bistec y pollo con guacamole

Mexican sausage, steak and chicken with guacamole


Burrito Chimichangas 11.00

Elección de pollo, carne o cerdo asado, servido con arroz, frijoles, pico de Gallo y guacamole

Choice of chicken, steak or roast pork, served with rice, beans, raw salsa and guacamole

Extra queso 1.00 • Extra Aguacate 1.00

Extra cheese 1.00 • Extra avocado 1.00

Mexican Sandwich

Pollo / Chicken

Bistec / Steak

Medio pollo al horno 10.50

Half baked chicken


Medio pollo frito 10.50

Half fried chicken


Pechuga empanizada 10.50

Breaded chicken breast


Pechuga a la parrilla 10.50

Charbroiled chicken breast

Servido con arroz, frijoles y ensalada

Served with rice, beans, and salad

Servido con arroz, frijoles con ensalada o papas fritas

Served with rice, beans, and salad

Bistec encebollado 11.50

Steak with onions


Bistec a la mexicana 11.50

Mexican Steak


Bistec ranchero 11.50

Ranch style steak Mexican


Cecina asada 11.50

Roast beef jerky


Milanesa de bistec 11.50

Breaded steak


Carne campechana 12.95

Meat folksy style


Carne a la Tampiqueña 13.95

Tampiqueña style steak

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